Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Role Model

Today was a very nice day so I decided to get out of the office and grab some lunch. I was wanting the best Bar-B-Q so I went to Starnes! As I was getting my sandwiches and walking out I ran into one of the best guys in the world, Tony Crowe! We spoke and he said "Hey man, ran across your blog the other day!" He said that he was just looking through blogs and he said that he ran accross mine. Tony and I know each other from working at CD X-change together. He is also a Paducah Fireman. He and my boss were good friends and Tony worked there while I was in college during the day. Tony and I would chat it up for hours about music, girls, cars and just life in general. I had the best time with him. He has always had the nicest of everything. One day he pulled up in his Camaro Z28, black with the Z28 rims and T-Tops. It was the badest car ever. Jokeingly at the time that I asked if I could take it to the prom (with the girl I was seeing at the time) and he was like yeah why not! I'm sure my jaw hit the ground! I was like WHAT? I was just kidding and he said "Yeah man!"
I have always looked up to Tony and I hope that I can be the man he is. I remember something he said to me once. “You don’t get any where without hard work”. Seems like it runs through my head at least once a week. Thanks Tony! Visit his blog here and see his cute kids and his family!


Mary B said...

Oh I must dispute you on the best Bar-B-Q. Knoths in Lake City is by far the best Bar-B-Q in western ky. Your bbq comes on a bun, the way bbq was meant to be served and you can also get krinkle fries. It's the best. If you have never had it you should take a trip to Lake City and try it out.

Mr. Wallace said...

You know that is good bar-b-q. I remember that I liked their sauce! We will have to stop there sometime!

M.H. said...

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