Friday, February 27, 2009

Flash Back Friday

Heather has been doing flashback Fridays for a couple of weeks now. I thought of one this morning that is awesome.


This game was good until a Paul Michael Larson came on it. He was a contestant on the american television show in June 1984. Larson's claim to fame was his winning $110,237 in cash and prizes, which he was able to do by memorizing the patterns used on the Press Your Luck game board.

I loved this show because of all the wacky stuff that the Whammy would do.

To learn more about this scandal go here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Storm Damage

OK most of you know the storm of 09' hit with a vengeance and we are all feeling it. Thanks to Uncle Larry I got photos of my damage. We lost half of our big tree out front of our house.

We stayed at Nanny's House on Monday Night but we got the heck out of dodge on Tuesday. We lost power from Tuesday til Saturday. We took off to St. Louis to stay with Lauren's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jeff's House. We stayed until Monday morning and we had a blast. Jeff cooked the best steaks and we watched the Super Bowl. Jeff and I even went to the St. Louis Blues Hockey game. It was kick butt! We had box seats with all the free food we wanted! Hot Dogs, Brats, Popcorn, Chicken, Caesar Salads, and Ice Cream not to mention free beer and Soft drinks. Jeff and I had the best time and I lost my voice.
When we came home our tree was cut up and stacked on a pile. Lauren's dad got a little bored without electricity and chopped it up. Now the decision: Do I cut the tree down that is leaning towards my house or do I leave it and hope that it doesn't fall on the house?