Thursday, January 31, 2008

So everywhere I go I get looks. It might be that I'm stunningly hansom or people are asking why is the beautiful girl with that ugly man? I'm walked into my great aunts funeral and I heard a wisper. "That's that TV star!"
That's it. Now I know why people stare.
About a year and a half ago my friend Terra called and asked a favor from me . She said I need a Doctor. Well at this point I thought she was in pain and started freaking out. She calmed me down quickly saying she was alright. She works at WPSD TV and then explained that she needs someone to be in a commercial that she is going to shoot. She picked me to play a doctor. Can you believe that? She wants me to be a doctor. I agreed and shot the commercial the in the next couple of days. Terra said that it would probably air around a month and then eventually die out. Well it stayed on around a year and a half and finally died out. It aired around 6 times daily. Usually on first thing in the morning and around the time Dr. Phil was on.
So everywhere I go I'm asked "When did you start working at Sleep Source?" "Can I have your autograph?"
One day while my mother was at Church, a family friend asked my mom if I could come over and look at his sleep apnea machine. My mon died laughing and said "He does not work there! He just plays a doctor on TV."
Life is funny sometimes. Check out my commercials below.

Kash Morgan Heath.

My friend Jay Heath had a baby boy. Kash Morgan Heath was born with a small heart conditions and was flown to Louisville where he will have surgry tomorrow. Please keep Kash, Jay and Emily in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Saturday we arrived at the Dallas Airport later afternoon from a long five and a half hour flight from Puerto Rico. Of course Lauren and I both had to tinkle very badly. When we finally found the bathroom my phone rings, now usually I look who would be calling me and maybe silence it and return the call. I look my phone and it was my parents. Now since I had not talked with them in a week because we had been on our honeymoon and out of the country. We planed on calling when we got to our hotel but a $15 a min charge was quite a large sum of money for a young couple balling on a budget.

Anyway so I'm dancing the pee pee dance answering the phone with a backpack on my back. A man was walking into the restroom while I'm trying to block the door. I know he was thinking that i was a crazy nut. My father was on the phone and asked how I was and I responded quickly.

"I'm about to pee my pants, can I call you right back?

He responded just as quickly. "Well call me right back. I need to tell you something."

Now many things are running through my head while I'm running in to the bathroom. What is so important? Is something wrong with someone? Are my parents seriously mad that I did not call when we arrived at our hotel? Are they that anxious to hear about our trip? So anyway I get done and quickly call home.

I was very relieved when my sister answered the phone. I now knew why my father wanted me to talk with my sister. Well we chatted for a while and she said. "We came home to tell you that you were going to be an Uncle. We are about to go back to Dickson and Kyle and I came home to tell the family."

A tear of joy came to my eye. I'm so happy. I'm really happy for them.

"That’s great news." So everyone please pray for my sister as she is pregnant and Kyle as he is going to have many pains along with heather. I can see them laying on the couch, feet in each others hands and massaging each others aching feet.